WikiReader – Wikipedia in your pocket

122-150x150It’s amazing how Wikipedia could change how to distribute free information on almost any topic in this world. Whether you are looking for a painter or a country, the category often find the answer.

Maybe sometimes you needed to get documentation on a particular topic, but you had no computer at hand, or any smartphone to surf the internet.

For those who want to have access to free Internet encyclopedia WikiReader solution is to have Wikipedia in your pocket.

Should not be connected to the internet to search through the information stored, which means that even if you can study category away from civilization.
WikiReader works with two AAA batteries and you will be enough a long time because it consumes very little power. On the official site says that you can get the batteries for one year, during normal use of the device.

Price encyclopedia disabled to such portable cost $ 99, and to be updated to be paid an annual fee of $ 29 (includes 2 updates / year).

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