Top Ten Complaints of the Geek’s Wife

Naturally, as this blog is, we don’t hear as much from our better halves.  Our sometimes less obsessive, more socially adjusted halves.  I thought it might be a nice time to air some of their issues with their nerdier partners.

Fellas, this may save you a trip to the dog house (or at least a night on the sofa).10.    He wants me to dress as Yeoman Rand every Halloween.  Seriously?  She’s a Starfleet petty officer and she doesn’t wear pants?  And the wig too?  They wear bouffant hairdos in the 2260s?

9.    Yes, I know who Yeoman Rand is.  That’s actually in my head along with the fact that she was played by Grace Lee Whitney who was let go after only eight episodes, and all the factors that played into her being let go.  This is occupying much-needed space in my brain.  I think about this each and every time I forget where my keys are.