Seven US senators raise concerns about Tesla use of forced arbitration clausesOver a half of global companies align the learning objectives to their business outcomes. How to build a culture of zero tolerance to fraud and irregularities through virtual learning?

The concept of e-learning, meaning any type of learning delivery and acquisition taking place in the digital media, is relatively new, more specifically its penetration to the market, then widespread usage in different industries have only occurred in the last decade. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled the need for organizations to leverage technological platforms […]

Yellen is calling CEOs personally to warn on US debt ceiling, sources say

WASHINGTON, May 8 (Reuters) – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is reaching out to U.S. business and financial leaders to explain the “catastrophic” impact a U.S. default on its debt would have on the U.S. and global economies, two sources familiar with the matter said on Monday. The Treasury secretary is having one-on-one conversations with individual […]

PS5, Xbox Series X|S demand crashes Best Buy online

The PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles today became available for purchase via Best Buy’s online store. And the stock has already dwindled.. The brand announced on their blog that this product release also kicked-off a three-day sale that includes various deals on tech including TVs, laptops, and headphones. “You […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Review – How to look good on a budget

Though many of us often devote our attention to flagship devices, budget tablets and phones are particularly easy to find today. Samsung has a robust lineup of more affordable devices itself, and one of the more recent additions to that is the Galaxy Tab A7. As always, the major concern with budget devices is whether […]

Surface Duo availability expanding (for better or worse)

Microsoft suggested today that they’d be increasing availability for Surface Duo in the year 2021. Back in October of 2019, Microsoft first revealed the Surface Duo (and the Surface Neo), and in August of 2020 the Surface Duo was released on a relatively limited basis. According to Microsoft Devices VP Pete Kyriacou, “since introducing Surface […]

Web hosting: When shared hosting servers get too crowded

In recent years, shared hosting has been the most popular form of web hosting across the entire web hosting industry. This is largely due to shared hosting’s affordability and ease of use. However, shared hosting won’t satisfy every business’s needs, and there are a few reasons you might need to switch to another type of […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review

The Note Edge, very much like its predecessor, is a large thin phablet. The screen dimension is of 5.6 inch. Users will also be able to experience the Amoled Quad HD+ on this device. The highest HD resolution of its screen is 524 ppi. The size and weight do not differ much from the Note […]

This revolutionary desk chair keeps you active and healthy

Would you like to ease back pain and sit more comfortably at work? Then you should check out the CoreChair active sitting desk chair. This innovative chair promotes active sitting, promotes good posture, and looks pretty cool. A concern of almost every profession is the amount of time people spend working while seated. So many […]

The best touchscreen winter gloves

Over the past five winters, we’ve tested 47 pairs of touchscreen gloves while moving half ton of stumps, climbing on ice, and just walking and biking around town. For the third year in a row, Moshi’s Digits are our favorite touchscreen gloves for most people, offering the right combination of warmth, dexterity, and grip. They […]

Candy Crush Saga will come preinstalled with Windows 10

I thought this was a joke when I first saw the report, but it’s legitimate. Microsoft’s strategy to offer Windows 10 for free means it will come with some side bloatware, including free games. The company said recently that it was “excited” to offer King’s Candy Crush Saga for free with Windows 10. The company said […]