Samsung Posts Official Hands-On Videos of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge


When a new product launches, tech websites are usually the first to pick up the models to review and make hands-on videos with them. Well, Samsung is particularly proud of its latest Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models, so the Korean tech giant doesn’t want to rely on outsiders to walk you through the models’ best features.

That’s why the company has taken it upon itself to provide you with three hands-on videos for the new flagships, detailing the phones’ design, hardware and camera.

Wondering if the new Samsung phones are for you? Watch these vids!

In the first video, we are witnessing the unboxing of both models and Samsung explains a few things about packaging and design. The Galaxy S6 Edge gets the spotlight here, as we’re shown how you can still view notifications even as the smartphone is faced with its display downwards.

We’re also told that the phones are made of glass and metal casing of the aluminum 6013 variety, which is superior to what Apple uses for its iPhone 6.

The phones are very resistant thanks to the Gorilla Glass 4 onboard, and their AMOLED displays will let users tap into a world of vivid colors. Now, some might argue that AMOLED show over-saturated, almost fake-looking colors, but it’s a love/hate thing particular to each individual.

Next stop, we have the video detailing the hardware of the Galaxy S6. The handset boasts the world’s first 14nm processor on the inside, the Exynos 7420, which replaces the Snapdragon 810. However, as shown in benchmarks, the silicone can perform just as well, even better in some scenarios.

We’re also told that the phone boots up faster and will end up consuming less power. The Samsung Knox security feature is also mentioned, as is the fast charging setup and the fact that you can get up to four hours of battery back in your device in just 10 minutes.

Last but not least, Samsung shares some details about the cameras on board the new S6, focusing on HDR and OIS capabilities. The new flagships have a 16MP rear camera and a 5MP frontal one for selfie taking. Samsung has thrown in a pro mode which lets users make custom settings just like when using a DSLR.

Check out the videos to get the scoop about the best feats in the Samsung Galaxy S6 duo.

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