Temple Run: Oz Named Free App of the Week in App Store


The iTunes App Store has been refreshed today, March 5, with Temple Run: Oz as free App of the Week, more Best New Apps and Games, RAD Boarding as Editor’s Choice, Best of February section, Yousician Guitar as Editor’s Choice, and a Pay Once & Play section that offers games without in-app purchases.

Temple Run: Oz is today the most addictive endless runner on all platforms, including iOS and Android. It is the number one game worldwide and promises to offer one of the most thrilling running experiences on the yellow brick road that leads to Oz. The game is inspired by the Oz the Great and Powerful movie and based on the Temple Run 2 game.

Created by Disney and Imangi Studios, Temple Run: Oz offers a wide variety of in-app purchases, including Starter Pack, Pouch of Gems, Hat of Gems, Pouch of coins, Barrel of Gems, Hat of coins, Vault of coins, Barrel of coins, Vault of Gems, and Tornado of Gems. Prices start from $0,99 / €0.99 and end with $49.99 / €49.99.

While the game is optimized for iPhone 5, it is compatible with other iPhone devices, as well as with iPad and iPod Touch. Temple Run: Oz will run on iOS 5.0 or later. Go get it now from the App Store! If you download it today, you will receive a bonus of 1500 coins for FREE.

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