WikiReader – Wikipedia in your pocket

122-150x150It’s amazing how Wikipedia could change how to distribute free information on almost any topic in this world. Whether you are looking for a painter or a country, the category often find the answer.

Maybe sometimes you needed to get documentation on a particular topic, but you had no computer at hand, or any smartphone to surf the internet.

For those who want to have access to free Internet encyclopedia WikiReader solution is to have Wikipedia in your pocket.

Binary Clock SplitScreen – style metal timber

Search an unbeatable way to find the time? Watches offer is broad and wide, and we found some that fascinates us, which breaks the monotony, multiply quiet style and genuine freedom of thought and trigger personality infinge watchmakers. SplitSceen is exclusively binary model of the latest collection and bring the metal lemnificat “directly and clearly, pretentious and sly! We hope you like.

USB rechargeable batteries – you will never buy batteries

Rechargeable batteries are brilliant, all the gadgets and feeds us gizmourile to walk without them I always throw their alkaline with caustic chemicals in the environment, and that would be pretty bad. However rechargeable batteries are adapters huge problem, plugs and cables we need to keep them filled with electrons. Oh! battery died, but where dr. with is the adapter? Sound familiar? One day an enterprising geek built in battery charger. And some loader, but has good idea to end: he used a standard USB port directly on the battery. Now, when your batteries are passed out, connect them to a USB port and ubiquitous entertainment continues!