24 Valentine’s Day gifts under $24

Mixtape memory stick

Express your feeling in song like you did when you were young and make a mixed tape – with a technological twist. Since cassettes are basically ancient history, give your sweetheart a mixtape memory stick. The 64-megabyte USB drive fits into a case that looks like a cassette and stores about an hour of music. The drive costs $15.99.


Personalized sweets

Although romantic Hallmark cards are always nice, what could be better than a card made of chocolate? Hershey’s chocolate cards and treats start at $16.95 and can be personalized to make the gift extra sweet.


‘Love Bug’

No matter their age, girls love getting a new cuddly friend. Build-A-Bear’s Love Bug Brown Sugar Puppy has a “pawsome” price of $24.00.


Candy heart boxers

Give your guy some sweet underwear. Priced at $12.95, American Eagle’s candy heart boxers are sure to start some conversation.


Beer branded gifts

Give your beer drinker accessories or apparel from their favorite brew. This Corona mug set includes four 15-ounce glass mugs, 12 pulp board coasters, and one bottle opener for $24.99.

To check it out, verify your age on the Corona website (you must be of legal drinking age to enter), and find the mug set by clicking “Cantina supplies” and then “glassware.”


Removable art print covers

Protect and customize all your beau’s gadgets with GelaSkins removable art print covers. Featuring hundreds of styles, from fine art to contemporary images, these covers protect iPods, phones, and other devices with a anti-scratch, anti-UV coating for about $15.00 and up.


Personalized canvas art

For a truly sentimental gift, tailor it to the individual. Starting at $23.95, personalized canvas art features a special photo and loving poem or message printed on canvas.


Guitar Hero gear

Does your Valentine love to rock? He or she can be a guitar hero anytime and anywhere with Guitar Hero’s air guitar belt and amplifier. Just wave one of the included air pics in front of the buckle to start a rocking jam session. Prices start as low as $8.65 at Amazon.com.


Action Sampler camera

If you have an adventurous Valentine’s date planned, the Lomographic Action Sampler Clear Lomography Camera can capture all the action. Priced at $24.99, this unique camera captures four sequential photos on one print.


Complimentary dishes

Compliment your significant other every morning with flattering dishes for less than $15.00 each. Whether you want to remind your girlfriend she’s a goddess or tell your guy he’s a handsome devil, these hand-painted ceramic dishes are sure to boost their self-esteem.


Philosophy beauty products

Looking for a unique way to tell your Valentine that you love them?

Do it with beauty products. Philosophy’s Falling In Love shampoo, bath, and shower gel is a true multipurpose product at $22.



Nothing will grab your Valentine’s attention more than sending them a sexy pair of panties in the mail. The red heart-shaped panties arrive in a black envelope with a personal message. Send a Pantygram for $24.95.

(Business Wire)

Digital photo cube

Frame your favorite pictures of you and your sweetheart for all to see with the Discovery digital photo cube. Priced at $22.46, this small photo cube is perfect for a desk or bedside table, and can store up to 70 digital photos.



Maybe your loved one loves the sound of his or her own voice. If so, keep embarrassment to a minimum and sing karaoke with your Valentine at home. Just plug the iKaraoke into an iPod and it fades out the lead vocals from your favorite music, giving you a chance to take center stage. The iKaraoke costs $24.99.


Personalized jewelry box

If precious gems and jewels are a little out of your price range this year, give your sweetheart a place to store all of her jewelry. This silver-plated jewelry box with crystal accents can be customized especially for her. It costs $19.50.



Chocolates are a Valentine’s best friend. This classic gift is always a winner. Godiva has more than 15 gourmet gifts for under $25, and a few more between $25 and $30.



When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s the thought that counts. So give your Valentine a place to jot down some of his or her thoughts. Red Moleskine journals, the legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, and Chatwin, are available for $9.85.


Love tokens

Give your Valentine tokens of your affection. Each love token makes for a cute keepsake that can be exchanged for a kiss, hug, or massage. A set of tokens cost $14.95.


Magazine subscription

Give a gift that keeps on giving. Each time your sweetheart gets a new issue, they’re sure to think of you. A variety of men’s and women’s magazine subscriptions are available for less than $25.


Pink Ribbon Cookie Kit

Give more than a gift this Valentine’s Day – give hope. For every Pink Ribbon Cookie Kit purchased, King Arthur will donate 10 percent of the sales to foundations in support of breast cancer research and patient outreach. Plus, it makes for a fun activity and yummy snack for you and your Valentine to enjoy. The kit costs $19.95.

Note: The King Arthur website is currently out of stock of this item


Extendable hand held tripod

You don’t need a personal photographer to get great pictures of you and your Valentine. The extendable hand held tripod , priced at $21.99, makes it easy for couples to capture any moment and takes away the annoyance of asking strangers to take your photo.


Bath beads

Help your sweetheart relax with soothing, scented bath beads. Priced at $19.95, these bath beads and bath confetti come in unique test tube packaging.


Universal remote control

Help your football fan control all their gadgets with an NFL universal remote control. The football-shaped remote costs $24.99.


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