Acer now selling C7 Chromebook with more battery life and memory for $280


When we got our hands on Acer’s initial C7 Chromebook, our chief gripe was its frankly disappointing 4-hour battery life. We now know that Acer had its ear to the ground after launch. It’s rolling out a new trim level, the C710-2055, that mends the short runtime and beyond.

The new edition carries a 6-cell battery that should give it six hours of battery life — still not as good as the 6.5 hours of Samsung’s ARM-based Chromebook, but it’s at least in the ballpark. Performance should also get a useful kick in the pants now that Acer has doubled the RAM to 4GB.

While the upgrades take the newly available C7’s price slightly out of impulse purchase range, to $280, it’s now a more viable option for those who need more grunt than ARM can currently deliver without venturing into Chromebook Pixel territory.