Black Friday: a brief history of madness and discounts

Finally! It’s the time of year once more when Americans line up outside of major retail outlets at absurdly early hours in an effort to score the lowest prices on all manner of consumer goods. Looking for a washer/dryer on the cheap? How about a Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Or how about a new TV […]

Next Browser for Android mashes up its rivals’ greatest hits (video)

When few (if any) web browsers do everything well, many of us have more than one client just to cover all the bases. The GO Launcher Dev Team’s just-launched Next Browser for Android tries to solve this in the simplest way possible: it cherry picks features from established rivals. Sharing extensions from Dolphin? Check. Chrome’s […]

German robot hand takes a licking, apparently keeps on ticking (video)

Sadists at the German Aerospace Center’s (DLR) Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics are showing off their latest development in anthropomorphic appendages: a robotic hand that can take a beating from a baseball bat and still give you the middle finger (or a thumbs-up, we suppose). Researchers apparently designed the limb to function like only a […]

Watch These Impossible Gears Turn Anyway

Watch These Impossible Gears Turn Anyway Square gears. Oval gears. Friggin goldfish and squid gears. My brain says none of these should work, but my eyes beg to differ. It feels like I’m breaking the rules. Every time Clayton Boyer whips out another one of these, I’m confident that it’s going to fail. And yet! […]