Apple has over 3 million iPhone 5cs collecting dust


Apple’s stockpile of the iPhone 5c has reached over 3 million units, confirming what most already know: it isn’t exactly a hot seller. 2 million units are at Pegatron, the manufacturer of the 5c, with the rest sitting on shelves hoping someone will take them home.

Despite Apple’s record-breaking quarter, the 5c didn’t reach nearly the same amount of numbers that the 5s did. The price of the 5c is most decidedly the deal-breaker, given its high cost for a phone with less than stellar tech specs.

With rumors of Apple increasing the screen size of their next crop of iPhones to 4.5” or 4.7”, and even murmurs of a 5.5” Apple phablet, it doesn’t look good for the future of the iPhone 5c. Expect Apple to liquidate their current stock of 5cs at a reduced price and not bring back the plastic iPhone back.

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