10 Of The Fastest, Biggest and Coolest RC Vehicles On The Planet

I know we generally tend to think of Radio Controlled (RC) cars as simply toys, ultimately designed for kids to play with.

Well some people take their RC vehicles pretty seriously, and they definitely have some cool vehicles to change the way you think of RC.

Today we are taking a look at some of the Fastest, Biggest and Coolest RC vehicles on the planet.

  1. The 200 MPH RC Jet
    This RC Jet can hit speeds of over 200MPH. Enough said.
  2. This is The Worlds Biggest RC Car
    This Hummer is the worlds largest radio controlled car and it was featured in the Sun Newspaper.
  3. The Massive 1/3 Scale RC Tank
    This is a 1/3 scale radio controlled Panther Tank that was hand built. It is so big that it must be transported in a trailer.
  4. The 21 Foot Long Rocket Powered X-Wing FighterThis rocket powered X-Wing fighter has a built in RD-D2 and a wingspan of over 19 feet. It uses four Class M rockets and it has three radio controlled man-rated parachutes for landing. 
  5. This RC Car Does 134.4 MPH
    This RC car can go a whopping 134.4 MPH, which is faster than some real cars. The speed was verified using radar.
  6. This RC Truck Can Be Controlled Via InternetThis RC truck can be controlled over the internet from up to 500 meters away. It has an on board live feed camera and built in horn for honking at slower vehicles.
  7. The Fastest Radio Controlled Boat In The World (120MPH)
    This is the fastest RC boat in the world. At a blistering 120.7 MPH it can put most real boats to shame.
  8. The Wall Climbing Zero Gravity RC CarThis radio controlled RC car can effortlessly stick to the wall or ceiling, allowing you to even drive it completely upside down or up a wall.
  9. This RC Plane By Boeing, NASA and The Air Force is the Biggest EverThe Skyray 48 was developed by Boeing and NASA for the US Air Force. It has a wingspan of 21 feet and it weighs 500 pounds. Look at the picture closely and you will notice how big it is in relation to a full size pickup truck.
  10. The 205 Ton Autonomous/RC SubmarineThis unmanned submarine was developed by Northrup Grumman’s Newport News Shipbuilding division for the US Navy. It weighs over 200 tons and has 3000HP electric motor.

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