15 Awesome Things to Have in Your High Tech Home

If you are a techie, you like having all the coolest gadgets you can get your hands on in your home.

I have included hings that make your life at home easier like the WashDryIron, and things that make your home a little more fun like the Pong clock. If you are looking for a little added security, check out the rotating Airsoft gun turret with an attached camera.

Here are 15 awesome things to have in a high tech home.

    1. This Machine Will Wash, Dry and Iron Your Clothes Automatically

      This WashDryIron uses different compartments to wash, dry and iron your clothes. It eliminates color runs, shrinkage and the need to iron. It allows you to wash different items at different temperatures, all at the same time.
    2. The Pong Clock

      This clock not only tells the time, but it shows a continuous game of Pong while doing so. You can also put it in game mode to test your Pong skills against the clock.
    3. USB Powered Airsoft Gun TurretThis USB powered Airsoft Gun turret has a barrel mounted camera so you can see what it’s shooting at. It has automatic firing, or you can control it remotely from a PC using a joystick. It allows you to tilt and rotate the gun (and camera) to target objects manually. More.
    4. The Touchscreen Microsoft Surface Table

      This futuristic touchscreen table from Microsoft is also a computer. It’s revolutionary design allows it to recognize touch and hand gestures on or above its surface.
    5. The Energy Ball V100 Home Turbine

      The Energy Ball’s unique design allows it to create electricity from wind, even in conditions where there is very little wind at all. When it is spinning it also looks virtually transparent.


  1. The Stylish Wall Mounted Fireplace Doesn’t Need A Chimney

    This wall mounted fireplace by Vertigo has catalytic converters that clean up the exhaust so there is no chimney required. It is remote controlled so you don’t have to move to set the mood.
  2. Lock or Unlock Your Door Locks Online

    These Schlage LiNK door locks allow you to check if you left your door lock unlocked, and lock it if you did. They can be controlled from a mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection.
  3. Human Touch Zero Gravity Robotic Massage Chair

    This massage chair adjusts to your body to fit you like a glove. “The patented Human Touch Technology™ replicates the hands of professional massage therapists.”
  4. The Phantom Park Car Lift Allows You To Put Two Cars in a One Car Garage

    The Phantom Park features a lift which allows you to park a car on the lower level, and that level is lowered underground allowing you to park another car on top of that. The lift can hold two 7,000 lb. cars and it allows you to turn one parking space into two. Once the car is lowered into the ground, there is no indication that there is even another car there. Video here.
  5. The EnsembleHD Home Cinema System

    This HD home theater system includes a motorized 100″ screen, a full HD projector, 5.1 Surround Sound and an advanced universal remote control. This plus some theater seating and you have your own HD home theater. (Image: CNET Crave)
  6. The Radio Controlled Beverage Tray

    This is the perfect solution for getting drinks to everyone in the pool. It can be controlled by remote to deliver snacks and drinks while you have fun in the sun.
  7. The Theater Spa by Catalina

    This Catalina Theater Spa seats 11 people and it features fiber optic lighting, a waterproof remote and a whopping 61″ plasma TV built in.
  8. The Home Gym Hiding in Your Coffee Table

    Now you don’t have to have a huge work out machine sitting in your living room when you are not using it. This full blown work out machine turns into a coffee table when it’s not in use.
  9. The Robotic Lawn Mower Takes the Work Out Of Mowing Your Lawn

    This weatherproof robotic lawn mower “will even feed your lawn with a natural fertilizer.” That means the clippings it creates are so small that they decompose easily. Once it is low on energy, it will automatically return to its station to charge itself.
  10. This Remote Pet Feeder Allows You to View Them While They Eat

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