17 Insanely Modded Game Console Controllers

So you probably got used to using your regular controllers for your Wii, XBox 360 or PS3. That is what most people did and many of them never thought much of it either. Well these modders just couldn’t settle for standard, and they had to take matters in to their own hands to mod their controllers to do what they wanted them to do.

The following 17 game console controllers have been modded in ways which left them much different than their original forms.

  1. The Wiimote AK-47 Mod

    This Wiimote mod really takes Wii first person shooters to the next level. It has a Wiimote IR sensor modded into the muzzle, along with a function trigger.
  2. The Full Body Wiimote Controller Suit

    This mod was made a musician, and it allows the Wiimote to respond to movements from your body. Just think about the possibilities.
  3. The Super-Sized NES Controller Mod

    This Super-Sized NES controller is fully functional, allowing you to palm the buttons instead of having to use your fingers. No more numb thumbs.
  4. Motorola SLVR Cell Phone Modded to Fit Inside NES Controller

    Yeah this guy is really making a phone call with what appears to be an NES controller. He has actually modded his Motorola SLVR to fit inside an old NES controller.
  5. The Wiimote Controlled Smart Home

    This modded Wii allows this Smart Home to be controlled by a Wiimote. It can be used to control the lighting, security cameras, media playback, the cable box and the DVR.
  1. Guitar Hero Guitar Controller with a 7″ Touchscreen LCD In It

    This Guitar Hero guitar has a 7″ touchscreen built into it, allowing you to see a mirror image of whatever you would see on the TV.
  2. Wireless NES and SNES Controllers for Your Wii

    These modded NES and SNES controllers work with both the Wii and the Gamecube.
  3. The Colt .45 Edition Wiimote Mod

    This Wiimote mod was made using aluminum, and it was modeled after the Colt .45 pistol. I think you know what kind of games this ones for.
  4. Xbox 360 Controller Modded for FPS Games

    This guy modded an XBox 360 controller to be more comfortable when playing FPS games. He “moved the right hand stick to be level with the left and moved all of the buttons to the back.” I am still scratching my head about this one.
  5. Jumbo Tablet PC Controllers for Nintendo DS

    This mod uses two tablet PC screens to control a Nintendo DS. It can also send screenshots of anything on screen to a PC.
  6. The Wiimote Bow and Arrow

    This bow and arrow has a Wiimote integrated into it and it is supposed to be sweet for Zelda type games. (Image: Gizmodo.com)
  7. Guitar Hero Pedal Controllers by Ben Heck

    So the uber modder, Ben Heck, decided it would be cool to play some Guitar Hero with his feet sometimes. Then he made these. Mission accomplished.
  8. The One Handed XBox 360 Controller

    This XBox 360 controller has been modded to allow you to control your XBox 360 with just one hand. This one is also made by Ben Heck.
  9. Atari 2600 Controller Modded into Remote Control for the TV

    This simple mod turned the Atari 2600 joystick into a remote for this guys wall mounted TV. Check out the video here.
  10. Wiimote Modded to Work With XBox 360

    Ever wanted to control your XBox 360 with your Wiimote? Well this Wiimote has been modded to do just that. (Source: Engadget.com)
  11. iPod Shuffle and NES Controller in One

    This NES controller has been modded to play MP3s, using the internals from an iPod shuffle. How is that for a retro MP3 player?
  12. The NES Zapper Computer Mouse

    This NES Zapper gun has been modded to work as a mouse. According to the modder, this is “a must have for any hipster kid from the 80�s.”

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