Philips Aurea television LCD TV

Once the realm of clunky, graphite boxes, televisions are increasingly credible objects of desire in the design department, largely thanks to the simplification (and shrinking) of the wires and controls. Much as we love our gadgets to be the highest tech possible, we like the technology itself to remain out of sight. The advent of the flat screen was a marginally exciting development, but nothing compared to the intrigue we feel towards Philips’ latest creation.

Switched-off, the Aurea is a standard 42″ wall-mounted flatscreen television. But switch it on and the Philips Ambilight technology replicates the colours on screen, creating an ever-changing halo of light. The effect is altogether futuristic but in a reassuringly ethereal manner, intended to effortlessly bring the viewer closer to the action on screen. A sleek remote control device means you can change the levels of brightness and immersion to suit your viewing material, from relaxed to dynamic. In keeping with the seamless integrated technology, 26 invisible speakers surround the rim of the television.

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