Alpha television by Brionvega

Gone are the days when the tasteful thing to do was to shut our televisions away behind cupboard doors. ‘Alpha’, Brionvega’s newest addition, is not ashamed to be a television set, its elegant curves testifying to its elevation beyond technology to furniture status; the new generation of Brionvega TV invokes the influences of 1930’s design luminaries Le Corbusier and Eileen Gray, its sleek chromed steel frame recalling the streamlined sophistication of Art Deco and the Modernist movement.

Disdainful of other LCD sets which claim to be two dimensional while in fact coming with unwieldy stands, ‘Alpha’ instead incorporates its base (which also holds the DVD player) behind the screen, the effect being that of a curved L-shape. Meanwhile the die-cast aluminium remote is suitably stylish, its lack of fuss enabling it to lie flat on your table when its not being used. Brionvega advises us to ‘say no to imitators’. Having spied this beauty at Milan’s furniture fair, we’re not sure we could bring ourselves to do anything but.

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