Logitech Cordless Precision for PlayStation 3 brings the rumble, forgets the motion

Why Logitech decided to eschew a “next-gen” feature for a “” one in its newest PS3 controller we’ll never know, but the esteemed peripherals manufacturer is nonetheless poised to loose its rumble-tastic, accelerometer-free Cordless Precision for PlayStation 3 on the gaming world.

IGN got a first look at the SIXAXIS competitor, and while they appreciate the build quality, battery life, and solid wireless connection, the lack of motion sensing, crappy D-pad, and absence of Bluetooth-related functionality (the Precision requires a USB dongle to communicate with the console) aren’t worth the ten dollar discount you’re getting when compared to a first-party offering.

Plus, now that Sony and Immersion have finally made nice, you’re bound to see some Bluetooth gamepads incorporating both force feedback and tilty goodness in the very near future.

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