doubleTwist takes on Pandora with Magic Radio subscription service


Remember doubleTwist? (Probably almost as well as you remember India.Arie and Nikka Costa, but more on that later.) The player made a bit of a name for itself in the pre-Play Music days — based as much on the default Android music app’s shortcomings as its own strengths. Over the years, as the need for a third-party media manager has waned, doubleTwist has fought to remain relevant by piling on features.

To its own detriment, however, many of them remain premium options, like the ability to download missing album art for $5. The latest offering to bring some much appreciated functionality attached to a rather undesirable price tag is Magic Radio. This is doubleTwist’s attempt to take on Pandora with a streaming music discovery service that’s supposed to help you find the music “you love.” For $4 a month…