Google Glass gets a one-stop shop for downloads, including a rooted image


Early Google Glass owners are dominated by developers and tinkerers, so it’s only fair that they get easy access to the downloads they need. Appropriately, Google has quietly set up a page that centralizes both Glass images and kernel source code.

The company has even saved owners from having to hack their eyewear the hard way — one image comes pre-rooted for those willing to toss caution (and their warranties) to the wind. Most of us can’t take advantage of these downloads for about a year or more, but those with early access can swing by the new code hub today.

Google Glass is, in fact, compatible with prescription glasses


We learned a lot about Google Glass yesterday at SXSW, including a sample of the kinds of apps it will be running when it becomes available to the public. Today on Google+, the Project Glass team let out a bit of rather important hardware info: namely that Glass is compatible with prescription glasses.

Turns out that its “design is modular, so you will be able to add frames and lenses that match your prescription,” though the team is still working on the frame design to get it juuust right. The prescription compatibility won’t be ready for the Explorer edition of Glass, but we can expect the frames to officially debut “later this year.”