This revolutionary desk chair keeps you active and healthy

Would you like to ease back pain and sit more comfortably at work? Then you should check out the CoreChair active sitting desk chair. This innovative chair promotes active sitting, promotes good posture, and looks pretty cool.

A concern of almost every profession is the amount of time people spend working while seated. So many professionals spend their workday seated in front of a computer, only getting up for a cup of coffee or to eat their lunch. Standing desks have become popular over the last decade since they encourage a more active, seated position. But not all of us have employers willing to spring for a standing desk, and sometimes you really do want to sit. If you’d like to sit more actively and avoid back pain, check out the CoreChair active sitting desk chair.

CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting desk chair top view
CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting chair

The CoreChair is different from the typical office chair. It has a short back that supports the lower spine, and its ergonomic design comes in four models: CorePerch, Tango, Classic, and Sport. This chair’s overall shape is compact, and it’s not so sprawling that it takes up more space than your desk. In fact, depending on how tall your desk is, it could fit right underneath. Best of all, this unique chair allows you to move while you sit, stimulating your muscles and improving joint flexibility.

CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting desk chair in a modern office
CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting chair

Choose a posture-supporting chair
According to the company’s website, poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain in office workers. Ergonomic chairs usually try to correct this problem with a high back. Unfortunately, the tall back design can worsen poor posture, because it can cause the pelvis to tilt backward and prevent the muscles from engaging. Thankfully, this revolutionary desk chair supports the pelvis with a unique stabilizer and sculpted seat cushion. With this kind of support, users’ spines are more balanced.

Enjoy a chair that promotes active sitting
The CoreChair promotes active sitting. But what does that mean? The inventors of this revolutionary desk chair say that it’s a way of sitting that encourages the body to move, sway, rock, and twist. These small movements actually help strengthen the back and core and relieve the load on your joints. This ergonomic office chair promotes active sitting with its pivot point just beneath a person’s center of balance. According to the company, this feature allows for natural movement and improved circulation all over the body. It can even burn calories and lessen fatigue. That’s good news, because we all want to be more productive and active in our office and home workspaces.

CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting desk chair in a home office

Strengthen your core with this active chair
Although you won’t get the same range of motion as you would with an exercise ball, for example, this revolutionary desk chair still engages your core stabilizing muscles. The company says this agrees with findings from a study by the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo. The CoreChair delivers continuous low-level stimulation of stabilizing soft tissues which increases score strength. So yes, your abs will get some exercise while you use this chair.

CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting desk chair in use

Ease your back pain with this ergonomic chair
If you suffer from back pain while you work, you’ll do anything to solve the issue. Luckily, this revolutionary desk chair was developed by Patrick Harrison, a kinesiologist and human movement expert. He created this chair using a research-based approach. The unique pelvic support cushion of the CoreChair realigns the pelvis with the spine, giving you a more balanced spine. This chair also allows you to move, which, the company says, works the back muscles in a controlled way that avoids stiffness and lessens pain. So moving, not resting, could actually be the key to less pain when you work at a desk all day.

CoreChair active sitting chair
CoreChair active sitting desk chair in a living room

Avoid discomfort with a no-armrest design
Armrests are another design flaw of the typical ergonomic chair, according to the makers of the CoreChair. In fact, incorrectly positioned armrests can push the shoulders too high, leading to discomfort in the upper back and can affect the nerves in the forearm and the neck. In contrast, this revolutionary desk chair doesn’t have armrests. It doesn’t need them, because its design already gives you a balanced seated position. So you won’t have to lean your arms against something for extra support. It’s another way this ergonomic office chair allows users more freedom of movement while they sit.

Choose a design that suits you
We mentioned in the beginning that CoreChair is available in four models: Classic, Tango, CorePerch, and Sport. Each model helps you work in an active sitting position that’s customized to your needs. For example, the CorePerch provides ergonomic seating as an office stool. It’s a great chair for workbenches and standing desks.

The CoreChair active sitting desk chair offers an excellent option for a healthier working position while you’re seated. Its balanced, low-backed design supports correct posture, and its pivot point allows you to move while you sit. It really is revolutionary in terms of office furniture design. What’s more, this chair is aesthetically pleasing and blends well into any office.

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