Google “Nexus 7” Will Be Made by LG, Not Huawei


In a curious turn of events, Google is now in talks with LG for the development of its next Nexus smartphone. Although previous rumors indicated Huawei as the next make of a Nexus smartphone, the Korean media not claims otherwise.

A report from eToday cited by Phandroid, says that Google has already approached the South Korean handset maker with the purpose of working together for the next Nexus smartphones.

According to Korean media Google engineers have recently arrived in South Korea where they visited LG’s headquarters and some of the company’s factories that make cameras, wireless charging part and displays for smartphones.

The project for the release of the next Nexus handset is called “N000” and the final product could be released as Nexus 7, even though there’s a tablet with that name. We already know Google might have already approached Huawei as well, so it’s unclear weather or not the Chinese company will eventually launch a Nexus device with Google.

Is LG making the next Nexus smartphone or tablet?

There’s a chance that LG might launch the Nexus smartphone, while Huawei will be in charge with the release of the tablet. Since these are only rumors based on sightings of Google engineers visiting other companies’ HQs, it’s hard to say if the search giant has already decided with which brand it will partner for its next Nexus devices.

We expect more details on the matter to emerge in the coming weeks since we’re already close to Google I/O where the company might go official with at least one Nexus device (probably a tablet).

It would be more interesting to find out a little bit more about the upcoming Nexus smartphone’s specs sheet rather than the company that will make it, but it’s probably a bit too early to leak anything about that.

If you’re a fan of Google’s Nexus lineup, then you might want to stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Nexus devices expected to come later this year.

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