Apple Releases iOS 8.3 Beta 3 to Users Worldwide, Here’s How to Update


After announcing the release of iOS 8.2 immediately after the “Spring Forward” event that took place on March 9 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, USA, Apple has now released iOS Beta 3, build 12F5047f, which is available for anyone who wants to test the upcoming version of Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

iOS 8.3 Public Beta 3 brings a wide variety of improvements in stability and performance. To test the iOS 8.3 Public Beta 3 software update on your device (see below the entire list of supported devices), which we don’t recommend because it’s an unstable operating system, you will have to sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program. After logging in, make sure to select the “Enroll your iOS device to receive beta updates” option.

Then, you will have to download the iOS Beta Configuration Profile specific to your iDevice using the device where you want to install the iOS 8.3 Public Beta 3 software update. After applying the downloaded profile, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and you should see the iOS 8.3 Beta 3 update available for download and install. Be aware though that you won’t be able to revert back to the current stable release, iOS 8.2.

Below is the entire list of devices supported by iOS 8.3 Public Beta 3

iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,1), iPad 2 (GSM) (iPad2,2), iPad 2 (CDMA) (iPad2,3), iPad 2 (Wi-Fi, 2012) (iPad2,4), iPad mini (Wi-Fi) (iPad2,5), iPad mini (GSM) (iPad2,6), iPad mini (CDMA) (iPad2,7), iPad 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,1), iPad 3 (CDMA) (iPad3,2), iPad 3 (GSM) (iPad3,3), iPad 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad3,4), iPad 4 (GSM) (iPad3,5), and iPad 4 (CDMA) (iPad3,6).

In addition, iOS 8.3 Beta 3 is supported on iPad Air (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,1), iPad Air (Cellular) (iPad4,2), iPad Air (China) (iPad4,3), iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,4), iPad mini 2 (Cellular) (iPad4,5), iPad mini 2 (China) (iPad4,6), iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,7), iPad mini 3 (Cellular) (iPad4,8), iPad mini 3 (China) (iPad4,9), and iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,3).

Furthermore, the iPad Air 2 (Cellular) (iPad5,4), iPhone 4s (iPhone4,1), iPhone 5 (GSM) (iPhone5,1), iPhone 5 (CDMA) (iPhone5,2), iPhone 5c (GSM) (iPhone5,3), iPhone 5c (CDMA) (iPhone5,4), iPhone 5s (GSM) (iPhone6,1), iPhone 5s (CDMA) (iPhone6,2), iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1), iPhone 6 (iPhone7,2), and iPod touch 5G (iPod5,1) devices are also supported.

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