Best Buy’s Black Friday deals include discounted iPads and a $199 50-inch HDTV


In case you’d rather spend Thanksgiving waiting in line at a strip mall, Best Buy has announced plans to open more than 1,000 of its stores on Thanksgiving day to give shoppers a head start on Black Friday deals.

It’s also beginning to preview all of those deals today, and they include some good prices on TVs, reduced pricing on Apple products, and smaller savings on a good number of electronics that you may just be interested in. There will also be separate “doorbuster” deals when Best Buy opens on Thanksgiving, at 5PM local time, and on Black Friday, at 8AM local time.

There’s still more than two weeks to go before Black Friday, but if you’re starting to plan your shopping spree now, you can head to Best Buy’s website to see what’ll be available. We’ve also rounded up a number of the best deals that we’ve seen below.


Phones / tablets
Game consoles
Accessories and more

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