10 Awesome Sci-Fi Gadgets You Wish You Could Get Your Hands On

1. The Goblin Glider from Spider Man

In Spider Man, this Goblin Glider from Oscorp was created under a military contract. It was used by Harry Osborn, Aka the Green Goblin, along with the Goblin Suit he developed.

It allowed him to fly effortlessly around at high speeds while his feet stayed securely attached to the glider. Spider Man 3 will feature a new version of the glider known as the Sky Stick.

20 Amazing Water Resistant Gadgets

Bubble O Seven – The Amphibious Car

Inspired by the James Bond Film “The Spy Who Loved Me”, the SQuba is an amphibious car designed by Frank Rinderknecht. The SQuba will operate like a boat if driven into the water, and is propelled along the surface by two propellers on either side of its license plate.

To submerge the vehicle, the driver opens a door to let water flood the passenger compartment. Once underwater, the SQuba uses a third engine to suck in water through the car’s front grille and pushes it out through two side jet vents.