Water Ball Ripple Sink Makes Me Want to Tinkle

If we were handy enough to build our own sinks, we’d build one exactly like this “The Ripple” faucet, designed by Smith Newnam, which equates relative ball movement to the temperature and amount of water flowing out. Hot water makes the LED glow red, while cold makes it glow blue, and the two hot and […]

Alpha television by Brionvega

Gone are the days when the tasteful thing to do was to shut our televisions away behind cupboard doors. ‘Alpha’, Brionvega’s newest addition, is not ashamed to be a television set, its elegant curves testifying to its elevation beyond technology to furniture status; the new generation of Brionvega TV invokes the influences of 1930’s design […]

Philips Aurea television LCD TV

Once the realm of clunky, graphite boxes, televisions are increasingly credible objects of desire in the design department, largely thanks to the simplification (and shrinking) of the wires and controls. Much as we love our gadgets to be the highest tech possible, we like the technology itself to remain out of sight. The advent of […]

GearDiary.com huge giveaway

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