World’s Most Expensive Chopard’s $25 Million Watch is the

Do you like sport cars, designer outfits and expensive watches? Of course, you do. Have $25,000,000 to burn? You can buy yourself or gift to someone the world’s most expensive watch. A Switzerland-based company named Chopard recently showcased its $25,000,000 watch, which comes festooned with three heart-shaped diamonds weighing 38 carats (15 carat pink heart diamond, 12 carats blue heart diamond and 11 carats white heart diamond). These hearts are fixed to the bracelet that is decked out with white and yellow flowery diamonds weighing 163 carats. In total, you will get 200 carats diamonds for a cool US $25 million. Have you ever had the feeling of envy, wealth, and desire? It’s your chance to turn the table. Buy yourself the Chopard watch and make a huge difference.

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