Bendable Display is Real

Remember the I Robot movie where they used holographic video messages that were stuck in a small plate-like installation? They also used a rolling out video displays in their portable devices. Sony has made a big step towards it. They have developed a display that can be bent. The new bendable display is very thin and it is a 2.5 inch one. I am sure they can now make any sizes thanks to their new technologies. Sony’s thin film transistor and electroluminescent technologies allow scientists to make a bendable display. Do not try to bend your LCD display at home; it cannot bend, even if it’s from Sony.

Saying thin I meant that the display is really thin. It is 0.3 mm thick which is about 0.12 of an inch. Imagine that? I personally think that this display will open a new era of cell phones, GPS navigators and all the portable media players. Why? Simply because the thickest thing on a device is its display. Who invents the thinnest display has the thinnest cell phone that everybody loves. Having all those advantages as opposed to usual LCD displays this baby is really expensive too. Sony is still trying to make this a cheaper product so that usual people like us can buy their gadget. Well, it will be out of my allowance’s price range for a year or two.

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